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love-colored damage report


take me higher.
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feel free to add me, so long as you comment on this post. everyone is welcomed with open arms, but unfortunately, stalkers like kimutaku are not quite welcomed here.
80s idols, captain failboat sho, crack pairings, crazy fangirls, dragon quest, gifs, hetalia, iosys, matsujohn, ms paint, nino-and-his-failure-of-a-wig, nobody cares about canada-san, notマーベラス, pettan pettan tsurupettan, pink lady, smile again ありがとう, sparkly rainbow text, tsundere, tsuruno/yusuke, urineくん, v6, wink, yandere, ε= (ノˆ∀ˆ)ノ, ★☆★☆, ツカダ and their epicness, 和也姫, 大宮sk, 大魔王, , 電撃萌王, 電波系